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Birth Art

Birth Art
Pregnancy is a journey, and birth art can enhance that journey as a meditative, relaxing activity, a visualization and exploration of the birth ahead, a peace-making with past experiences, a documentation of your growth and shape, and a celebration of your pregnancy.

You need not be an exceptional artist, this art need not be shared- unless you want to! You may do it alone, or with your partner, with your kids, with your doula, or as a part of your blessingway or baby shower.

Create a belly cast, paint, or henna your belly, or decal it with some temporary tatoos! Write letters to your baby, paint or draw your pregnant body, your baby, your visualization of birth, how you feel... mold sculptures, have a maternity photo session.

After birth you may wish to do prints, molds or casts of baby's hand, footie, or little tushie! You may also with to do a placenta print! The possibilities are endless! And the memories are priceless!